Alejandro Vargas

Web Developer/Designer   @alejomac

Technical professional, and designer with solid experience developing information systems; broad capacity to research, develop, and proactively use new technologies.




Dorling Kindersley

Re-Design, update and develop 12 micro-sites for DK following new technics for responsive design as support of the series books "e-Explora". Including backend functionalities for verify and update external links related.

Ernesto Andrade


Ernesto Andradre
Cirugía Plástica y Medicina Estética

Programming and development of the new website for Ernesto Andrade based in WordPress. Developed a plugin interface to offer online booking appointments, making a new API to have unified control with the existing enterprise system.



PcMac Online Store
PcMac S.A.

Design and develop online store following the requirements to serve a product catalog with responsive design boundaries, easy to update and maintain through a contain management system.

Dorling Kindersley


DK spanish online portfolio
Dorling Kindersley

Conceptualization, design, programming and development of the new website of DK for Latin America. Showing a nice and simple way, the portfolio of books available in Spanish from the English publisher Dorling Kindersley.

Conception Tienda de Diseño


Conception Tienda de Diseño
Conception SAS

As an active member of the company, I worked to implement the online store for CTDD. Perform all tasks since its inception. Evolving design to present the current product portfolio. This development was based on Open-Cart. and also I did the theme this store.



Primavera Portfolio

As a developer associated, I have contributed in different ways to "Primavera", among which stands out the selection of the working platform, creating 3D models for product renderings and develop a program for online postcard design.


Since 1992. I am involved in graphic design and production changing my self many times and growing-up as a developer and manager for a variety of companies. From large graphic printer production to judicious management like Yellow Pages book.

Developing strategies for program management, resource optimization, customer service, and staff operations; capable of judicious budget planning and execution with exceeding results in the public and private sectors. Good communication skills. Bilingual in Spanish and English. Natural Leadership talent to achieve project goals and consolidate multidiscipline work groups.

  • Graphic Design
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • CMS Wordpress / Drupal
  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • Objective C
  • SQL


Start The First Digital Print System for Billboard in Colombia


Production of The First Combiser S.A. Yellow Pages Book


Farmacity Information System 24/7 pharmacy stores


First digital audio/video 24/7 recording system for DIPOL


 Independent Consultant / IT Apple Specialist
 Developing ideas for anyone

2006 - Present

Technology consultant and digital solutions developer in the fields of integrating and optimizing end-client applications, digital publishing, website development, workgroup software setup and configuration, both in the private and public sectors.

  •  Development and design of Dorling Kindersley’s (British publishers specialized in eyewitness books) spanish online portfolio surpassing contractor’s expectations. Currently developing part for the new DK spanish online store for Latin America.
  •  Connecting to common network resources, Network Users accounts with Directory Services, AFP, SMB, SSH, FTP, and WebDAV connections, Bonjour, NetBIOS, the network browser, isolating client software issues from network issues for Prana Publicist, CG Conceptos Graphics and others companies.
  •  Enabling network services on a OS X Lion client, peer-to-peer collaboration, sharing files between Macs and Windows, sharing web documents, screen sharing, firewall as well as techniques to isolate server issues from client and network issues for AC Agencia Central, Clever Cosmetics, MetroStudio, and other clients.
 IT Manager
 PcMac S.A., Bogotá, Colombia

2006 - 2012

Chief architect and senior IT specialist developing solutions for customers with various technology products for the corporate, educational, and government sectors. Integrated solutions to meet the multidisciplinary demands and client strategic plans for knowledge management, multimedia, publishing, enterprise IT services, and mobile computing. Performed market and product development duties, including business model design and operations. Supervised the customer support services division and performed training duties for the technical support staff. Served as evangelist and mentor of new technologies for both internal stakeholders and external clients.

  •  Lead the adoption and integration of Apple mobile devices in Universidad Autónoma de Occidente’s traditionally Windows environment, which improved students access to the institution’s digital assets library.
  •  Architect an innovative digital solution to record audio and video signals 24/7 for Colombia’s National Direction of Police Intelligence, originating in a wide national adoption of new technologies, practices, and standards.
  •  Integrate API’s to joint services like Rosetta Stone Learning Languages System with an in-house Learning Management System for SENA (Colombia’s National Service for Learning).
  •  Optimized the process of configuration and delivered in record time over 1200 machines customized to the client needs.
  •  Enrichment of knowledge and media management in multiple educational institutions through the research of Learning Management Systems and formulation of its adoption strategy.
  •  Implement online work group collaboration system to track service support records and all resources for an efficient service support in the labs to meet the requirements for Apple warranties services.
 IT Manager
 Zemoga Ltda., Bogotá, Colombia


Design and development of customer solutions on various platforms to support Web development with support in databases. Support and communication systems management and collaboration of the company, such as e-mail, chat, video conferencing, storage, IP telephony, and other networking.

  •  Select and contract external e-mail service
  •  Mentoring and teaching the video chats benefits
  •  Setup main IP telephony system
 IT & Developer Manager
 Farmacity Colombia S.A., Bogotá, Colombia

2003 - 2006

Design and development of custom solutions on various platforms to support intensive data drive web information system. Technical support, communication systems management, and collaboration of the company, such as e-mail, chat, video conferencing, storage, IP telephony, and other networking.

  •  Create and implement main information systems for the Farmacity Retail operation, under webServices model with PostgreSQL databases. Including syncing and replication processes of the data for data mining and uptime 7x24.
  •  Conception and implementation of customer web access "light client" and "rich client" Windows applications for Point of sale--POS systems and other administrative processes.
  •  Design of extended metropolitan network via DSL and wireless circuits transition plan to a wireless metropolitan network owned Farmacity.
  •  Minimization of transaction costs in information systems by using open source software and "bundling" licensing with the purchase of hardware.
  •  Maximizing uptime of operating systems by creating replicated processes, restoration, and re-location of equipment with full control of the teams in each locality by VPNs over the Internet.
 Co-owner and Art Director
 CG Conceptos Gráficos Ltda., Bogotá, Colombia

2001 - 2003

CG Conceptos Graficos is led by Alejandro Vargas and was formed in 2000. Graphics business concepts is the creation and development of "corporate image" for their clients.Conceptual means, graphics and creative reason for its name, CG works to strengthen and improve the corporate image of its clients as a communication tool that generates impact and recall. The company operates under the premise of the "quest for excellence," expressed a continuing consolidation in the company's production process: Think, evaluate and think again (if necessary).

  •  Design and programming of WebPages and Websites for the Internet and intranets.
  •  CIllustration, layout, digital photography and 3D design. advertising design strategies.
  •  Creation concepts, corporate image, graphic and marketing deals.
  •  Interactive CDs and DVDs with audio and video, corporate and product presentations.
  •  Design brochures, flyers, catalogs, magazines and preparing layout offset.
Additional experience includes
 Yellow Pages Production Manager
 Combiser S.A., Bogotá, Colombia

1997 - 2001
 Large Format Printing Production Manager
 Metro Comunicaciones Ltda., Bogotá, Colombia

1996 - 1997
 Billboard digital print CROMATEC Department Director
 Valtec S.A., Bogotá, Colombia

1994 - 1996
 Independent Free Lance Designer
 Bogotá, Colombia

 Internal Free Lance Designer
 Centro de Publicaciones Uniandes., Bogotá, Colombia

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